Let’s beat COVID-19 TOGETHER!

The UM Shore Regional Health team has been working tirelessly to fight COVID-19 on the Eastern Shore. Our team has embraced the challenge during these difficult times and continues to provide high-quality care and find new ways to show compassion to our patients. Please click on the photo for a short video.

YES, I want to help!  Right now, more than ever, we have to come together to take unprecedented actions to prepare for, manage and stay ahead of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Because of donors like you and past fundraising efforts, UM Memorial Hospital Foundation has been able to create support for UM Shore Medical Center at Easton and all of its ancillary healthcare programs and services. Time after time, you have partnered with us to make this Hospital and community a better place. And we need your help once again!

Every day, our front-line team including doctors, nurses, technicians, respiratory therapists, transporters, rehab, lab, pharmacy, and environmental service personnel demonstrate extraordinary clinical expertise and innovation. They also show heartfelt compassion, comfort and kindness, strength and a selfless willingness to serve. Their commitment to our mission and your health during this challenging crisis is heroic.

UM Memorial Hospital Foundation has created the COVID-19 Response Fund to help support our Hospital’s unique needs during this unprecedented time, ensuring that our exceptional care and service remain as constant as ever. Your contribution can be used for vital necessities such as:

  • The purchase of health and medical supplies that protect patients and staff,
  • Food for our front line providers and 24/7 hospital team members,
  • Technology that enables remote health support (or telemedicine) for patients,
  • Equipment that helps keep patients and families connected while social distancing,
  • The emergent needs of hospital staff members, who sacrifice to remain here for our patients.

Please support our front-line team today! CLICK HERE to donate now or you may mail in your donation to the Foundation office.

Thank you for considering this request. TOGETHER we can beat this virus. Your generous gift to our COVID-19 Response Fund is appreciated and will help save lives!




F. Graham Lee
Vice President for Philanthropy
UM Memorial Hospital Foundation

PS: Thank you for caring and making a difference through your financial support! Remember to always wear your face mask, use social distancing and wash your  hands regularly.